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Scott Moffatt Productions

Calgary, AB

About Us

Scott Moffatt Productions is a production company based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are focused primarily on producing music for television, advertising, film and video games. Most recently, SM Productions has contributed music to television spots for Walmart & Casino de Montréal as well as radio ads and YouTube videos for Sunridge RV. Audio books, podcasts and certification videos are currently in the works for YSF Industries. With an extensive and diverse catalog of music and the tools to create original music upon request, SM Productions is capable of being that missing element…with a song.

About Scott:

In 1993 The Moffatt Brothers released their first independent CD “It’s a Wonderful World”. In 1995 “The Moffatts” became the youngest band to sign a major label recording contract when they signed with Mercury Records (http://www.mercuryrecords.co.uk/) in Nashville. Shortly thereafter they released their second album, self titled “The Moffatts”. In 1997 Scott and his brothers signed with EMI Electrola (http://www.emimusic.com/) in Koln, Germany and Capitol Records (http://www.capitolrecords.com/) in Los Angeles and basically took the world by storm launching their third album “The Moffatts – Chapter 1: A New Beginning” which to this day holds the majority of sales records for International acts in SE Asia. The Moffatts fourth album “Submodalities” is considered by many within the industry as a template of excellence and is often used as a reference for many of today’s recordings. The album also features the fastest rising # 1 single in Canadian music history, “Bang Bang Boom”.

In 2001 the brothers parted ways musically for a multitude of reasons. Scott formed a new band with friends Shawn Everett and John Gant called The Boston Post. In January of 2003 they released their first EP entitled “It’s 99PM” followed by the Working at a Disco EP later that year. After two cross Canada tours, and a number of international awards from the Banff Centre of Arts (http://www.banffcentre.ca/) the band packed up their gear.

From there Scott toiled with various projects, but it wasn’t until he was living in Los Angeles that his career began to show signs of life again with his recording of “The Allegory of the City”. All songs were composed, performed and recorded by Scott. The acoustic flavour of the project revealed the musical vibe that would be considered to be the essence of the Scott Moffatt sound, a combination of folk, pop, rock and country. It was this project that opened the door for Scott to travel to Thailand and become an in-house producer for Sony BMG (http://www.sonymusic.com/), where he produced Thai artists Mint, Slot Machine, Brandnew Sunset and many others. He later moved from Sony to Thailand’s music giant GMM Grammy (http://www.gmmmusic.com/) as an in-house producer. Other acts he has produced include Getsunova, Tabasco and Daylight. Scott has also produced American Christian artist Cory Lamb, the Canadian band Roads of Indica Records (http://indica.mu/en/) in Montreal and country comedian Lefty Nelson. It is his ability to embrace all musical genre’s that lead him to the award of Producer of The Year at the 2007 Seed Awards and Thai Headbanger Awards of 2008.

Other services include audio mixing and artist development.

If you require more information, please contact us.