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Scott Moffatt Productions

Calgary, AB

Music For Purchase

Package Song Lists:


1) Nashville

2) Love A Lot

3) Melt Me

4) Everything You Want

5) Light Up

6) Thinking Bout You

7) ManGod

8) Perilously Here

9) Elevator

10) Oh No

11) Rainy Afternoon

12) So Weird

13) Tequila Happened

14) We Can Make Earthquakes

15) Open Road

16) Car

17) Our Kind Of Love Song

18) For You, To You, For You

19) The Wrangler

20) I Wish I Was There

21) Someone

22) I’m Without You

23) Hong Kong

24) Burnmik

25) Quicksand

26) Girl You’re On Fire


You are able to select from the above list to create your own album. New songs will be added as they are written and produced. 

With your purchase you will receive a top quality photograph of Scott Moffatt.

Please send your requested songs via email to scottmoffattproductions@gmail.com so we can package and email you the zip file and photo.



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